Amber Train Ltd Sold to IMechE

Visual Case Study: Amber Train sold to IMechE

Amber Train specialise in providing traineeships and apprenticeships to those just out of education or towards the end of prison sentences. The company has eight sites across the UK and holds four major contracts; each contract supplies around 200 apprenticeship opportunities. 

Martyn and Amanda Butler, managing directors of Amber Train, instructed Avondale to sell the business to enable them to pursue other non-commercial interests, but also allow fast-growth of the company taking it to the next level.

Avondale positioned the business to potential buyers. Significant interest was generated and a competitive market was created, offering the best position for deal value. IMechE’s (Institute of Mechanical Engineering) offer was ultimately deemed to be the most suitable.

IMechE sought the acquisition to help decrease the engineering skills shortage in the UK. They were introduced via Avondale’s research and, although not an obvious buyer, the strength of the synergy that could be achieved was clear and therefore drove deal value.

Avondale’s expert advice added value throughout, resulting in a headline price well beyond financial or industry expectations. The majority of cash was on completion and the transaction from launch to completion took ten months.

“Avondale were there by my side from start to finish, I am very happy with the final outcome and would recommend them to anyone looking for exit I’m looking forward to working with the institution on this new chapter for Amber Train. I’m confident that we will be able to offer yet more opportunities for budding engineers and technicians.” Martyn Butler, managing director, Amber Train

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